The Spawn Of Legion

I believe that certain elements in our society would laugh at a bunch of  grapes if Simon said they were funny.

I say burn, burn in hell you square headed ponce,yes you will get yours!

If I did not believe that the man was the spawn of legion, I would be better off six feet under myself, oblivion!

This is just ones man point of view my dears, for I know  not a body wants my picture tattooed on their arse!

But what I would ask is are their many others out  there choking,choking on this farce on the dead flesh of mediocrities degrading fist?

A fist that enters you and churns and turns your inner being inside out until the milk of human kindness is turned sour into a hateful need.

The need to want to kill the infidelic  multitudes who allow themselves to be duped and downgraded raped and pillaged.

To be duped like homophobic right wing Christians or anti human Islamic fundamentalists.

Much like the inane X Factor junkies, that brigade of pathetic non plus brain dead Zombies who scream and shout as the idiot board decrees,on que like the soulless twerps that they have become.

To be duped like the lost children of Israel who pack themselves with hate.

All guided by armchair prophets. Its VIRGIN on the ridiculous (couldn’t resist)

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